Topic: Kenny's Github account, not ARETF Github account

This worries me...
This isn't an ARETF account, it's Kenny's account. If Kenny gets hit by a bus... the account login goes away. Yes, you might make preparations like sharing the login info, but it's still YOUR individual account. Far better, in my opinion, to create an account for the use of the ARETF, and make that account accessible by the "management" of the ARETF.

Re: Kenny's Github account, not ARETF Github account


I don't completely agree with your risk assessment. If I get run over by a bus (and I hope it is a beer truck bus), then all you would need to-do is clone the repository. You have at that point a prefect clone of all the documents. That is part of the reason why I chose GitHub. To be fair when I set this up, I did the quick and easy thing, which was create the repository under my account. I didn't quite understand the concept of an 'organization' on GitHub. I was mistakenly under the impression you had to pay a monthly fee for one.

I just created a ARETF organization account ( and will move things over to it.

NOTE: There is still no 'management' of the ARETF, this is still just me trying to boot strap things. :-)


Kenny, KU7M